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♥ Welcome! ♥

I'm Voidmilk, welcome to my little corner of the internet!

There's plenty to explore, check out some of my interests on the shelves page, or see more about me in general on the about me page.

You can also check out my projects, my shrines, or check out my links page full interesting places from around the web.

Feel free to look around!

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♥ Updates ♥

6 June 2023

more gif updates, updated Junji Ito shrine

17 April 2023

Gifs added to collection, small updates to TMNT Shrine, added webgarden

28 March 2023

Links page updates and new gifs added to collection

28 February 2023

Made new background image and custom cursor. Added gifs to collection. Updated links page to include descriptions. Added Ninja Turtles shrine.

11 February 2023

Gifs sorted a bit better, updated links page

2 January 2023

Added more gifs to gif collection. Film shelf, gameshelf, about page, Dragon Age shrine all updated

20 November 2022

Compressed some images, updated game shelf

11 November 2022

Milk v3 is here! Altered layout, new gifs, new links, eyeball that follows the mouse, shelves, chat box

28 July 2022

updated several pages: about, shrines, gifs, projects, sitemap

20 June 2022

site hosted on own domain!

12 June 2022

redoing color scheme

13 May 2022

Biggg update, new styling on all pages, new pages added, button for linking site added

4 May 2022

Styling revamp